Counter top and point of sale displays

Northern Eye Books’ Top 10 Walks books were conceived from the start as several separate series, each exploring popular walking themes in a different UK National Park or other popular or outstanding area.

To increase the books’ appeal, they were deliberately designed to be sold as distinct area-specific series. These series were also designed to fit into and be sold in attractive counter top displays.

The counter top displays have a compact footprint, improve the books’ visibility and help significantly boost sales. They make a real and demonstrable difference to customer uptake. Some outdoor shops in the Lake District even have two stands — one alongside each till.

The robust and attractive displays are FREE if ordered full, are supplied already made-up, and are available from most of our listed wholesalers, as well as directly from the publishers.

Download a PDF here showing a full stand along with details.

To get hold of your FREE point of sale or counter top display unit(s), please contact us for more information.

Thank you.